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Profitable trades, in a bear market.
With Arbiten

Automated arbitrage trading. No experience required. No softwares to download.



OVER $8,000,000




How it works?
We buy low and sell high..er

The trades are automatically done for you an you, as an user, do not have to do anything except start a session every 24 hours

On a regular day, we can see arbitrage differences up to 20% between markets

1. You start a trading session

You go to our trading page, enter the amount, select a coin and click start trading. That simple!

2. We compare trading pairs

Once a trading session has been started our system scans and compares all the exchange markets for volatile trading pairs

3. We trade the most profitable pairs

The A.I. starts buying at the lowest price and sells at the highest price found on a market. Price fluctuations are avoided by automatically executing every trade in a matter of milliseconds

4. You start another session

Once a trading session is completed your funds are unlocked and available for a new trading session or to be withdrawn

No emotional investment

Everything is automated.
Our A.I. has no emotions.

24/7 uptime

We trade any time, even during weekends or holidays.

Auto stop loss

In a bad scenario, the price becomes equal
and the A.I. sells at the same price.

Getting started

We bet that the question in your mind right now is how hard is to use Arbiten.
Extremely simple.

Step 1. Register

Head to dashboard.arbiten.com/register and create an account

Once registered, your account will be automatically converted to trial where you can test the service for two trading sessions with a smaller deposit limit of only 0.01 BTC (or 0.1 ETH). At the end of the trial a user can either upgrade his account to Standard or withdraw his entire balance (initial deposit + any profit).

Register now

Step 2. Deposit funds

Head to arbiten.com/deposit or click Deposit from the side menu
Select a coin, enter the amount and click proceed
Send the funds to the address provided
Click confirm transaction once the funds have left your side

A trial account can only start two trading sessions but the minimum deposit for a trial account is lowered to 0.01 BTC or 0.1 ETH .

Deposit now

Step 3. Start trading

Head to the trading page at dashboard.arbiten.com/trading or click Trading from the side menu
Select a coin, enter the amount and click Start trading
Return in 24 hours to repeat. It's that simple!

A trading session lasts 24 hours. During this trading period the funds are locked as they are being traded.

Trade now

Advantages of our
A.I powered automated trading solution

...and why, as a human, you will never match the performance achieved by an automated system
~ Totally not written by a robot

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When using Arbiten
When trading alone
No experience is required
Only one click is required in order to start a trading session on Arbiten. Then, in the back, our system scans and analyses over 300 de exchanges and several thousand trading pairs, and trades only the profitable ones.
Requires experience
Trading alone relies solely on your know-how and TA knowledge while as well requiring several trading software and bots
There are no fees.
Our service fees are deducted from successful trades. When a trading session is completed, if the session generated profit, a small cut is deducted from the profit.
Lots of fees
Crypto exchanges do not let you deposit, withdraw, or trade for free. They charge a definite percentage of the money as fees. So you need to include the fees while calculating the profit made from arbitrage.
Lack of a large balance to trade
Generate the same profit with any amount
By connecting our system with the exchanges and having liquidity in the market we managed to reduce the operational fees therefore removing the need of a larger investment.
Profit scales with the amount
Profits from arbitrage might be quite small after all the processing delays and fees that apply. To be able to make huge profits from arbitrage, you need to increase the traded volume.
Withdrawal limits
No withdrawal limits
We have no limits regarding withdrawals. It simply feels wrong limiting users of their funds.
Limited amount of withdrawals per day
When you place large trades, you need to keep in mind that exchanges have specific withdrawal limits and you may not be able to withdraw the crypto balance from your wallet on the same day.
Fast A.I. executing trades
By combining our trading procedures with liquidity spread throughout the market we solved the timing issue. Missing opportunities was never an option.
You are simply not fast enough
Each cryptocurrency transaction may take at least 10 minutes to be completed. Within this period the market may move against you, and you may lose your potential arbitrage profit.
No competition
Any competition becomes a problem when trading manually because most of the time is spent performing redundant tasks (switching tabs, comparing, re-logging sessions).

Our automated trading system does not feel the pressure of competition due to the speed at which the transactions are performed....but mostly because it is an artificial intelligence designed to trade.
That probably helps as well.
Constant competition
There may be more traders looking for arbitrage, and this may lead to changes in the trading volumes on different exchanges which reduces arbitrage opportunities for others.

Let's do a recap

Traditional arbitrage vs automated arbitrage trading

In traditional arbitrage you will pay fees

By the time you purchase cryptocurrency and have it validated by the miners, the market may move for or against you.

When you sell it at another exchange, the price may vary, so you may not receive the profit you were hoping for. Another factor that people don’t look for is the extra fees, which decrease the profit by a decent margin.

Suppose you earn of 3% or $30 on the crypto trade and while selling it at another exchange you need to pay 1% trading fees. The profit is cut down to 2% or 20$.

Using traditional methods profit will be harder to obtain

Arbitrage also increases the price of the cryptocurrency at the exchange you buy from, and an adverse effect is caused at the exchange where you sell the crypto. This causes the price to move closer, making it more difficult for the next trader to earn profit via arbitrage.
While this affects automated trading as well, trading through Arbiten gives an edge due to almost-instantly executed trades. By the time the price equalizes, your trades are already completed and your wallet is in profit.

In traditional arbitrage emotional investment may intervene

In the initial crypto days, the trades were manually done. But with advancements in technology, computerised trading took over.

The price fluctuations are now monitored 24/7, and trades are executed almost instantaneously. This eliminated price errors and thus lowered the chances of arbitrage opportunities.

In traditional arbitrage.. you need to be everywhere

To be able to recognize differences across various exchanges, you need to access multiple listings at once. This can be much easier if you use arbitrage tools and software.

Since the cryptocurrency exchange operates 24/7/365, there is nothing to stop it. In the initial crypto days, the trades were manually done but with advancements in technology, computerised trading took over. The price fluctuations are now monitored 24/7, and trades are executed almost instantaneously. This eliminated price errors and thus lowered the chances of arbitrage opportunities.

Register and try our
2 sessions Trial now!

No trading knowledge necessary, no emotional investment, 24/7 uptime with liquidity covered throughout the market – for you!
We cover all the hard work, so that you can enjoy the most pleasant trading experience.
Join us and start your trial today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Amos Diggory

I am still in trial.. the system is easy to use. Will edit after trial.

Vincent Weasley

Upgraded to Pro from the beginning and while the profit rarely hits the cap, it maintains a steady average. Worth trying out

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